Become THE micro meteorology intelligence provider for Drones and Airtaxis


This is the key to unlocking passengers and civilians safety in cities and between cities drone flights.

Urban Air Mobility

UAM needs us to show more control and rigour. Our deep knowledge of computational fluid dynamics makes us ready for the challenge.

Certified U-Spaces

We bring our aviation certification skills to the Urban Air Mobility world to create a proper future-ready regulatory framework with our partners.

Our Purpose

As technology progresses, our cities will see more and more drones in their skies. Whether it is for delivering goods or transporting passengers, the safety of the operations is always the primary focus.
We are here to guide you safely to your destination. Discover our purpose

Discover our Solutions

Based on our proprietary technology we support Urban and Advanced Air Mobility stakeholders with customized weather analysis solutions across the whole Advanced Air Mobility(AAM) value chain.


VertiPlaceGWC provides weather based analytics to help you find optimal vertiport placement, design and planning.

Route planning
& Trajectory optimization

Use GWC (Get Weather Condition) to optimize drone routes over your city. With our API receive the optimal flight path to your destination.

Safety Assessments

Connect to our API from your drone to receive the weather safety assessment of your destination.

Our Technology

Our technology (Get Weather Conditions, or GWC) leverages the latest advancements in physical-based numerical modelling and system enginnering to augment available weather sensing capabilities.
Based on that, GWC can reconstruct weather and wind patterns in the most complex environments to address the challenges connected to operating drones and eVTOLS at scale.
See example.

Founding Team

DM-AirTech founders come from an aeronautical background with solid experience from industry leaders.

Dario Milani

  • Experience in Aeronautical Engineering at Airbus, PhD in Wind Engineering
  • LinkedIn

Oskar Olechowski
System Architect

  • 10 years Aerospace Systems Engineering at Airbus
  • Expert in System Certification and Software Development
  • LinkedIn
We are a passionate and dedicated team - and we are constantly growing. If you would love to contribute, we shall be glad to hear about it. Please use the contact form to send us your motivation letter and CV.

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